Obchodné podmienky

Erik Kirschner Všeobecné obchodné podmienky vo formáte pdf

  1. Podmienky – Ponuky, služby a predaj Erik Kirschner sú vykonávané len na základe týchto podmienok.
  2. Ceny môžu byť zmenené bez predchádzajúceho upozornenia.
  3. Ceny sú uvedené bez daní a poplatkov.
  4. Ak bude objednávka odmietnutá, záloha bude zákazníkovi vrátená.
  5. Zásoby podliehajú predchádzajúcemu predaju.
  6. Dodacie doby a lehoty sú približné.
  7. Riziko počas dopravy je prenesené na zákazníka po odovzdaní dopravcovi.
  8. Záručná doba je 24 mesiacov, pokiaľ nie je uvedené inak. Zákazník je zodpovedný za zálohovanie dát.
  9. Erik Kirschner nenesie zodpovednosť za akúkoľvek sumu vyššiu ako bola vyplatená za tovar.
  10. Platobné podmienky – platba je splatná pred dodaním tovaru. Pre kvalifikovaných zákazníkov je splatná do 10 dní bez pokuty.
  11. Riadime sa obchodným zákonom Slovenskej republiky.

Odporúčame detailne preštudovať Všeobecné obchodné podmienky Erik Kirschner

  1. Conditions – Offers, Services and Sales of Erik Kirschner are made only pursuant to these conditions.
  2. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  3. Prices exclude Taxes and duties.
  4. Orders may be rejected for any reason. Prepayments made by Customer will be refunded in this case.
  5. Inventory is subject to prior sale.
  6. Delivery dates and lead times are approximate.
  7. Transport risk transfers to Customer once product is handed to the carrier.
  8. Warranty period is one year unless otherwise noted. At its discretion, Erik Kirschner may repair the product, replace it with an equivalent new or refurbished product, or refund the purchase price. Customer is responsible for backing up any data.
  9. Liability – Erik Kirschner shall not be liable for any sum greater than the amount paid to it for the goods or services sold, in the event of any loss, cost or damage caused by, arising out of, or related to, the goods or services rendered. Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy in the event of an error or defect is limited to the correction of the error or defect by adjustment, replacement, or repair, at Erik Kirschner election. In no event shall Erik Kirschner be liable for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including lost profits and loss of data. Customer is advised to back up all data regularly.
  10. Ownership – Goods and services supplied remain the property of Erik Kirschner until paid in full.
  11. Payment terms – payment is due before delivery. For qualified customers, payment is due without deduction within 10 days.
  12. Recycling fees – Prices for product sold within Slovak include  advance recycling fee (VRG). In all other countries, customers are required to register for and fund recycling as required by their local law, or the countries they sell to.
  13. Returned shipments – For shipments returned by the post office / courier service, refund or credit is given with round trip shipping / import fees deducted.
  14. Legal venue is Bratislava, Slovakia, using Slovak republic laws.

Bratislava, 19 december 2011