03 Dec

Crashing Google Wave Finds New Life in Open Source

O Google Wave som napísal, alebo vložil na tento blog už veľa článkov. Stále si myslím, že tento spôsob komunikácie má niečo do seba a má potenciál nahradiť mail. Preto aby sa tak stalo, ale musí byť splnená podmianka spätnej kompatibility s mail službou. Google tento projekt pochováva, ale ďalej bude žiť v open source komunite. Prvé wave servre už službu poskytujú a je možné si stiahnuť aj zdrojový kód a inštalovať  vlastný server. Držím palce tejto myšlienke a technológií aby prerazila a posunula elektronickú komunikáciu ľudí zase o krôčik do predu.

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08 Mar

5 Ways to Use Google Wave for Business

Remember Google Wave ? Clearly, Google Buzz has recently overshadowed Google’s other hotly anticipated social communication platform, but before you ditch your Wave account, give it a second try. There are many useful business applications for Wave, especially in situations that call for collaboration with a group or managing a project. Wave can easily allow users to dispense with the formalities (and expenses) of meetings, phone calls, travel, etc. and instead make it easy to collaborate across time and space.

Here are five examples of common workplace activities that Google Wave can support.

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09 Feb

Google Wave in Action: Real-World Use Case Studies


A week ago we asked readers to tell us how they’re using Google Wave in their daily lives, and despite a bit of “ha! no one’s using Wave!” snarking on the Twitter, we got lots of interesting responses.

Unsurprisingly, most Wavers use it as a real-time wiki, but some take advantage of features unique to Wave, like inline and private replies, public tags, and gadgets. I featured the most unique use cases I got in a brand new chapter just added to The Complete Guide to Google Wave. The following is the text of the just-published Chapter 10, which describes ways in which a few people who don’t work for Google are using Wave to get things done—with screenshots.

So far you’ve learned the finer workings of Wave in great detail, but there’s a big difference between understanding how to swing a hammer and building a house. In this chapter, you’ll meet regular people who are already getting things done with Wave in their daily work and life. You’ll learn the Wave techniques they’ve developed through trial and error, and the specific Wave features they use to get certain jobs done. Finally, you’ll create wave templates you can use and reuse for your own purposes.

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29 Jan

Google Wave Versus the Rest, Feature by Feature

We got a great response to last week’s frequently asked questions about Google Wave, and decided it’s worth expanding further on the differences between Wave and the current crop of web-based collaboration offerings.

Wave combines features from email, instant messenger, Google Docs, wikis, and forums and throws its own spin on things. For a quick visual of its offerings versus similar tools, check out this feature-by-feature comparison table. Read More